Freelance Holidays offer quality rental holiday villas in popular location like Crete, Kefalonia, Mallorca, Menorca, Sardinia and Sicily. In operation since 1984, Freelance are ABTA and International Passenger Protection certified.

The Objective

For Freelance Holidays, the SQ Digital team recognised that the most important thing was (and still is) to make sure we help them develop a real & unique voice online, making them more visible to customers looking for holidays.

The Solution

Developing a full-bodied content strategy that merged with an appealing social media plan was in order. The online presence needed to entice with appealing words and visuals. SQ Digital’s creative and social teams came together to develop a singular voice for the brand.


SQ Digital always deliver on well written articles and engaging social media posts making it easier for us to interact with our customers.


The Outcome

By creating infographics, shareable images, and quality content to engage with a targeted audience of customers for Freelance, SQ Digital portrayed a tuned in brand that could show off how well they know their business.


When Freelance Holidays began their journey with SQ Digital, the clear majority of their keywords were ranking in the 100+ range. Through the help of our SEO team, they now rank on the first page of Google for many of their top keywords, making them more visible and easy to find by consumers. Meanwhile, their social channels topped 10,000 followers.


Through the joint outreach of our social and content teams at SQ Digital, Freelance Holidays are now able to interact with customers who wanted to know more about the island, their villas, and the kinds of experiences they could enjoy.