Long Standing SQ Client Sees Demand for Services Soar During Lockdown

A lockdown clear out has led to many people discovering old video tapes and cine films which they can no longer watch. We asked long-standing SQ Digital client Jim Gregory, of Video 2 DVD Transfers, how his family business has been able to help.

The national lockdown has led to an unexpected surge in demand for one company’s video transfer services.

Many people have used the additional time at home to clear out drawers and cupboards, unearthing old VHS tapes and cine films which they no longer have the technology to use.

Since then, Jim Gregory and his team at Video 2 DVD Transfers have been working flat out with demand at levels usually seen in the run-up to Christmas. The volume of orders is up by 80 per cent for the time of year, with some orders containing up to 15 separate tapes.

Jim says things had gone quiet in the run-up to the lockdown: “Then obviously because people were stuck at home and getting bored, they started tidying up and they were finding all their old videos and cine films.”

Jim says that the videos are of the type of family occasions which aren’t taking place under current restrictions.

“Weddings, holidays, school plays, trips out, you name it, we see it on video. We’ve had some good comments that it’s great to be able to watch the things we can’t do.”

Sadly, Jim has also spoken to a number of people who have lost parents and other loved ones to COVID-19 and who have found an old tape while they’ve been clearing out the family home. He has also helped customers who have filmed a funeral service on their phone and have ordered DVDs to send to those unable to attend.

Jim says it’s been difficult but his family team of four has been pleased to help.

“It’s rewarding because we’re helping these people to get their memories back. We’re a family business so we appreciate what these things mean to people.”

Jim, who has worked in the Buckinghamshire business since the 1980s and bought the firm in 1997, can transfer a wide range of formats to DVD, a USB or to the cloud.

Jim’s story prompted an interview with BBC Three Counties radio in their good news community slot, why not have a listen?

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