SQ Digital Marketing Approach

We gather valuable information about your business and use it to help you get the most from your digital marketing. This means we avoid anything that wastes your time and money.

Working with SQ Digital means choosing an agency that genuinely cares about your business doing well, which might mean we do things differently from other agencies. We hope this only serves as more of a reason to work with us. Our approach has come from establishing four core principles that support the way we provide digital marketing services to our clients. Our approach principles and working phases have been developed to deliver success for varying budgets.

We take pride in the relationships between our team members and with our clients. At SQ Digital, we go below surface level: we know, care for, support and respect each other. Likewise, our relationships with clients are built on trust, transparency and genuine empathy – after all, we’re an SME too.


Don’t Begin Projects Without Defining Measurable Objectives

We believe it’s critical to help our clients explore the underlying objectives at the heart of their digital presence in order to create a meaningful solution that can be measured for success. By taking this approach, we allow our SME client base to focus on the issues they face or the goals they want to achieve.

Seek to Understand A Client’s Organisation, Needs And Customers

By creating and exploring a detailed compilation of information around a client’s organisation, needs and customers, we are able to uncover insights and takeaways that are fundamental in building the case for a purposeful solution. This understanding is then continually utilised as a means of helping to direct project decision-making.

Enable Clients to See The Bigger Picture of Digital Marketing

It’s hugely valuable for our clients to see and understand that their organisation’s digital presence is a connected and dynamic system of parts, with each piece having a particular purpose or strength. Approaching digital marketing channels as if they exist in isolation will at best limit success and most often lead to a waste in time and investment.

Measure, Review and Improve at Regular Intervals

With return on investment and value for money being top priorities for our clients, a need to measure, review and improve the work being done is essential. Capturing and distilling data into relevant and focused reporting that not only validates the work being done but also directs changes to this work, as new insight and information is collected.




We begin our client partnerships with the Discovery Phase designed to find out as much as we can about your business, customers, objectives, and current Digital Marketing Ecosystem.

This phase results in a Digital Marketing Service Recommendations Document that becomes the basis for setting out digital marketing goals, objectives and Key Performance Indicators that allow us to track how well our campaigns are really doing for you.

We believe the Discovery Phase is key to being able to make responsible recommendations that limit the risk of wasting your time and money, which we know can be critical to the survival of an SME.



Making the most of the Discovery Recommendations Document from the Discovery Phase, we then move into a work cycle of planning and implementing creative marketing campaigns anchored in solid insight and a focused direction.

We believe our structured retainers are fundamentally important to the success of our clients’ digital marketing, as they help to create a partnership, rather than a vendor relationship. This allows us to invest in our client’s goals in more of a long-term fashion, where we can become concerned with performance and results over simply getting a job done in an isolated way. To us that makes a lot of sense.


We don’t offer marketing services without research to get a sale – that would be irresponsible. Our recommendations will meet the objectives set out by you and us. Clients stay with us for many years and we’re proud that we have such long-lasting relationships.

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