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Google Ads Agency in Lancashire

Pay Per Click marketing is a critical aspect of any Digital Marketing campaign, allowing you to tap into a large potential customer base almost instantly. As a Google Premier Partner with a proven track record of success, we can assist you in every aspect of Pay Per Click management. From Google Search Network campaigns for your lead generation business, to promoting your new mobile app on YouTube, SQ Digital have the experience and data-driven mindset to ensure that your campaigns generate high-quality business and positive returns on investment.

“PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) has become paramount in contemporary Digital Marketing strategies, allowing you to place your website, and therefore your shop window, in front of users almost instantly. PPC is the perfect complement to a strong SEO strategy and given Google’s blurring of the lines between Organic Search and Paid Search, it has never been more important to implement and improve your Paid Search strategy to give your business a competitive advantage.”

ASH WINDER Senior Paid Media Executive

The Importance of PPC Marketing for SMEs

As an SME ourselves, we understand that any investment you make in Digital Marketing needs to generate a positive return on investment. Our PPC Management for SMEs is a data-driven solution that allows you to assess the performance of your campaign, backed up by metrics that matter to your business. This allows our PPC Executives to make quick, pro-active changes to your campaign, based on factual data in order to improve your campaign performance.

Having worked with many business verticals – from manufacturing to retail – we have the knowledge to help you grow your website traffic and enquiries, as well as your overall web presence. PPC Management does not just consist of writing adverts and adjusting bids; it’s all about evaluating analytical data, making granular changes to accounts and recommending website improvements to increase conversion rates and refine the end user experience with your brand.

PPC campaigns also allow you to create unique customer journeys, from initially advertising to prospective clients via Paid Social Media, to utilising Google Remarketing to ensure that your brand stays at the forefront of a potential client’s mind. Our Google-Qualified PPC Executives can deliver results, regardless of your business goals and needs.

PPC Marketing vs Organic Marketing

The main benefits of PPC Marketing are time and data. By their nature, SEO campaigns take time to build the foundations of a trustworthy website. Backed up by fresh content marketing, SEO can take time to begin generating enquiries. With PPC, you can ensure that your website is visible in prominent positions on Google or Bing in a fraction of the time.

Although SEO and PPC differ, there are similarities which mean that they integrate well in a full digital marketing campaign. PPC campaigns are a perfect way to test your website’s current performance, allowing us to recommend changes to the website before committing to a longer-term organic strategy. Our PPC and SEO teams work closely, collaborating and sharing information, to ensure that we are targeting keywords that will generate business. PPC can also be used to test keyword performance, to ensure that your SEO campaign is targeting relevant keywords, with data to prove that they will generate business.

PPC has the benefit of offering many different advertising formats based on your needs. Instead of just working within the limits of Google’s organic listings, we can create a bespoke campaign utilising these formats.

From Google Shopping allowing E-Commerce websites to show key product information before potential clients reach the website, to Display Network campaigns allowing you to reach a large pool of potential clients to generate brand awareness and product knowledge, we have the experience to recommend what your brand should be focusing your efforts on.

Whether you already have a PPC campaign or are just starting out, SQ Digital are here to help. If you would like to talk to us about our PPC Management and how it can effectively fit within your digital marketing strategy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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