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Mazuma Mobile is an industry-leading phone recycling service and has been recycling and refurbishing old, broken, and unwanted mobile phones since 2006. Customers of Mazuma can trade in their old tech in exchange for money or purchase nearly new devices for a fraction of the retail price of brand new. This has proven to be an incredibly popular business model.

The mobile phone recycling company has won countless awards for their sustainable service over the years and has gone from strength to strength in more ways than one.

Mazuma Mobile approached SQ Digital to upgrade its online presence using our SEO and content marketing services to improve its business further. Naturally, we were more than happy to work with them.

Digital Marketing Brief

The instruction we received from Mazuma Mobile fuelled us with fantastic ideas and innovative digital marketing solutions. We knew when we read the brief below, we would be able to help:

At present (prior to SQ Digital), Mazuma is paying just under £5K per month for onsite SEO work and link building. The current agency looks to achieve around five backlinks per month and write two pieces of content for the website pages that are marked for ranking improvement.

Mazuma is looking for a proactive agency to make recommendations, as well as attend monthly face-to-face meetings to discuss work carried out, reporting, and gathering information for planning moving forward.

Digital Marketing Services

When we were handed the brief, our expert team immediately got to work creating a strategy based on our content creation services and SEO solutions. We aimed to create a transparent reporting platform and relationship (built by monthly check-in meetings), to provide a strategy based on data.

Like all our clients, we spent a long time getting to know Mazuma Mobile during their onboarding process to give them a digital marketing solution that was sure to be the right fit for them.

We started by reviewing the current SEO performance of Mazuma Mobile and building an SEO-specific report dashboard that both Mazuma and SQ Digital could use. This extended our main reporting dashboard, which included overall digital marketing KPIs and performance tracking.

Creating a Data-Driven Strategy

We used GSC click-through-rate (CTR) data, as well as keyword search volume data, to make predictions on how much traffic Mazuma could receive if specific keywords were improved in Google search rank:

This data was grouped by device category and ranking page to identify the pages and categories with the most potential. This was used to formulate a strategic onsite SEO plan for the next five months, prioritising work that would benefit Mazuma the most.

The website was audited from a technical SEO point of view and time was allocated per month to ensure most issues would be addressed by the end of the five months.

As the previous agency had done, we also proposed to write blog posts; however, we increased the frequency to four per month to match the main competitors. These also targeted keywords to increase the overall traffic Mazuma Mobile would receive and include internal links to the main pages identified as having the most potential in the onsite-SEO plan.

In-depth audits of backlinks, internal links and many other SEO factors were carried out. As a result, we concluded that over the upcoming five months, backlink acquisition through link-building strategies (non-natural link acquisition) was not going to benefit the client as domain authority and page authority was not a limiting factor.

As we carried on planning their ongoing monthly retainer, we continued to communicate our onsite change requests and technical SEO fixes through Google Sheets with Mazuma Mobile’s own web developers to ensure the right changes were made.

Over the five months, a summary of the type of work carried out includes:

  • Site architecture optimisation
  • Creation of new phone makes and model pages based on competitor keyword gap analysis
  • Onsite optimisation
  • Internal linking
  • Technical SEO fixes
  • Onsite content improvements
  • Schema addition (FAQ)

Digital Marketing Results

As a leading digital marketing agency, we are incredibly results-driven and are fascinated by the success of our marketing campaigns. So, let’s find out more about Mazuma Mobile’s results.

The area with the most potential in proportion to the amount of invested time required was the homepage, targeting competitive terms such as ‘sell my phone’ and ‘phone trade in’.

Following the first optimisation changes on the homepage, month-over-month, we saw improvements in clicks and CTRs for non-branded keywords ranking for the homepage. For example, ‘phone trade in’ increased in clicks by 38.2% and ‘trade in phone’ by 60.5%.

We carried out similar work across all the main category pages across the website, in-line with out original onsite SEO plan.

Over the five months (01/05/22 to 30/09/22), we observed an increase in organic traffic and comparing year-over-year had the following results:

  • 58,301 more organic sessions
  • 4,953 more orders placed from organic traffic
  • 65% more new users

Rank positions were significantly improved for several keywords across the campaign.

The client was thrilled with their new positioning within the search landscape relative to their main competitors. The below share-of-voice line graph demonstrates how the increased rank performance of in-demand search terms improved visibility in search over the competition:

mazuma share of voice line graph

Client Testimonial

We were elated with their results, and Mazuma Mobile was, too. Mazuma has continued with SEO and content services at SQ Digital.

“We have seen great results since working with SQ Digital. We are in stronger ranking positions for high search volume keywords, increasing our organic sessions monthly.

The communication with SQ has always been great, both Vilayte and Lizzy always respond quickly and with a thoughtful answer.

[SQ Digital are] Really knowledgeable, SQ go above and beyond to help with any query we have. They are like an extension of our Marketing Team.”

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