Forge Europa is a custom LED lighting solutions company which has been in operation for 30 years. Forge has manufactured LED solutions for diverse industry applications throughout this time, focusing on delivering exceptional results, superior service, and outstanding quality. It is an award-winning enterprise, and they are always looking for ways to improve the company and provide a better service for its customers. So, when investigating ways to improve, they noticed their online presence needed some work.

Forge initially approached SQ Digital before the Covid-19 pandemic. They had realised they required a new website that showcased the company’s capabilities, promoted customer retention, and attracted new custom, which their existing website was not currently doing. They also wanted to improve the quality of the traffic received through the website. Finally, the website also needed to attract potential new candidates for recruitment, which is something Forge highlighted to us during our initial discussions.

The Brief

Once we received their brief, the team at SQ Digital were fuelled with ideas and exciting digital marketing solutions that we were certain would provide Forge with exactly what they needed. Because of this, SQ Digital went beyond the scope of the original brief, suggesting a different approach that was more in line with their goals. Rather than building a like-for-like new website, we suggested a new website architecture that blended SEO with an improved user journey and the client’s original brief requirements.

Our Solution

After we analysed the brief, our expert team immediately got to work creating a strategy based on our web design services and SEO solutions. We recognised what we needed to do to meet their brief and provide them with the improved website they required.

Initially, a keyword plan and a new site architecture were created in unison prior to website development to ensure that the future organic reach of the website would be maximised. New pages were recommended, as well as the merging of existing pages and the feature of case studies to encourage brand advocacy. This improved site architecture brought an extensive list of benefits to Forge’s overall online presence, including:

  • Improved user experience – making it easier for users to navigate around the website.
  • Increased SEO – meaning Forge appeared higher in search results.
  • Easier maintenance – once the site architecture is improved, it is much easier for us to keep on top of and troubleshoot, saving time in the long run.

In addition, also during the website development process, we created a Brand Snapshot. This is stage one of our approach’s Discovery Phase and allowed us to draw together a deeper understanding of Forge, its products, services, customers, competitors, and current marketing setup. Once we had this information, we compiled it into the Brand Snapshot and used it to assist us in decision-making.

Next, we conducted an Analytics Audit, which involved reviewing and evaluating Forge’s analytics data to identify areas of improvement. The goal of this stage was to identify how their website was currently performing and highlight any issues or opportunities for optimisation.

Finally, using this information, our web design team could build a new website for Forge Europa. Following the build, Forge came on board with SQ Digital for ongoing SEO and content writing services.

The Results

We saw incredible results in only six months of ongoing SEO and content work. Forge now ranks in strong positions, on Google Search, for several important keywords:

LED component manufacturers – 3

LED driver manufacturers – 4

Custom LED drivers – 1

Custom LED optics – 1

The client has experienced outstanding results as a direct impact of what the team at SQ has done. For example, they have seen more qualified enquiries coming into the business and have received an upturn in incoming calls, which can be attributed to their new website and site architecture.

What Happens Next?

We have been thrilled with their results, and Forge has assured us they are too. They have continued with their on site SEO services and website content marketing services, renewing their six-month plan.

“From the very first meeting with SQ, they understood our needs and the complexity of the services and manufacturing capabilities we have – they could see what we wanted to achieve and brought a data-driven approach that we couldn’t have gotten on our own. The collaborative approach that SQ have is great – we feel like they are part of our team, not just a supplier.

Throughout website development, the process was slick, and the design team really hit the brief. It was very easy to get all designs signed off with consensus across the business because SQ listened and knew what would work for our brand. We’ve since continued the relationship with SQ to get their expertise into our content.

Again the approach is collaborative – we work together, and SQ ensures the site and content are optimised and performing as best they can. In the short time we’ve been onboard, we’re seeing more qualified enquiries coming into the business, and we’ve received an upturn in incoming calls, which we can attribute to the website.”

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