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SQ Digital is a multi-award winning SEO agency and has been at the forefront of the SEO industry for over 20 years.

First and foremost SQ Digital was an SEO agency when it was founded back in 2000. As the UK’s very first agency of it’s kind we’re experts in SEO (search engine optimisation), and we use our knowledge to build successful campaigns for SME businesses throughout the UK and further afield. SEO is vital as most consumer journeys start with a search engine, so making sure your business appears there is our priority.

“With two trillion searches conducted on the planet every year, there’s no denying that Google is the world’s most powerful search engine giant. With an estimated 51% of website traffic coming from organic search, many SMEs are looking for SEO to help them acquire, convert and retain customers. Stay ahead of your competition with SEO to increase your organic visibility and maximise your profitability.”


Delivering Organic Results That Last

As an SEO agency, we understand how important it is to spend wisely when it comes to business. SEO can offer one of the most cost-effective online acqusition channels for traffic. Unlike PPC, you do not pay Google to appear in the top spots, however SEO campaigns are generally long-term strategies.

We Create SEO Strategies Based on Relevancy and User-Intent

At SQ Digital our SEO experts offer an efficient and focused SEO strategy that is based on data, research and a keen understanding of our clients products and services. At the beginning of any SEO campaign, our team will carry out an extensive audit of your website, as well as your keywords and competitors. We use the results to create an organic SEO marketing strategy which starts with the optimisation of the on-site elements of your website. Following on from the onboarding period, we use several combined techniques which include:

We Deliver Integrated and Synergistic SEO Marketing

To make your campaign as effective as possible, it’s essential to use a wide range of digital marketing techniques alongside SEO. Every client that we work with benefits from our collaborative way of working. Our SEO experts work closely with our content marketing, PPC and web design teams to build a strategy to drive traffic to your main service and product pages.

Working with us gives you a seamless service that provides the best possible results.

Long Term SEO Strategy for SMEs

Our goals and campaigns don’t stop with rankings, we carefully monitor user behaviour within your website, looking at click-through rate optimisation and conversion rate optimisation. We aim to help a user along in their journey from finding your business in a search engine results page to contacting you through the website or purchasing a product.

This means we look at your website comprehensively, from content, to site structure, user behaviour, traffic analysis, technical SEO and off-site elements, to provide the bigger picture of your website visibility not only on search engines but by potential customers. One of our strongest assets is the way we work closely with our design and development team so that SEO optimisation is not just on the face of your website.

Our SEO experts know how to achieve exceptional results using our tried and tested methods, never losing sight of your business goals.

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