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SEO Agency in Lancashire

SQ Digital have been at the forefront of the SEO industry from the beginning. This has given us an expert insight into the ever-evolving potential of SEO over the years, allowing us to utilise this knowledge to inform our campaigns for SME businesses throughout the UK and further afield.

“With two trillion searches conducted on the planet every year, there’s no denying that Google is the world’s most powerful search engine giant. With an estimated 51% of website traffic coming from organic search, many SMEs are looking for SEO to help them acquire, convert and retain customers. Stay ahead of your competition with SEO to increase your organic visibility and maximise your profitability.”


Delivering Results That Last

At the beginning of any SEO campaign, which we refer to as to as our Discovery Phase, our team will carefully select and carry out extensive audits of your website, as well as your keywords and competitors. The results of these audits then inform our digital marketing strategy going forward, allowing us to fully optimise your website so that it’s in line with your business goals, objectives and expectations.

We know the importance of spending wisely when it comes to business, particularly as an SME. We offer an efficient and focused SEO strategy that is created from recommendations based on data and insight, rather than asking our clients to invest money in a strategy based on hunches or assumptions.

Following the outcome of the Discovery Phase and utilising all relevant key members of the SQ digital marketing team, we then prepare your website for a long-term campaign that is set up to deliver and track tangible results. This means applying the right combination of techniques that may include content writing, user-experience optimisation, conversion optimisation, technical health checks and the implementation of technical SEO methods.

In order to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign, it is essential to implement a wide range of digital marketing disciplines alongside your SEO campaign, and it’s our job to work out which combination is right for your business. Depending on your campaign, our SEO experts work closely with our content marketing team to ensure all website content is optimised for search engines, as well as directing content creation based on search-driven data. Our SEO strategies also work synergistically with PPC, web design and digital PR.

Long Term SEO Strategy for SMEs

At SQ Digital, we seek to deliver an innovative approach to SEO, in which we work alongside our clients to improve their organic traffic as well as their keyword rankings through long-term strategies that support wider business objectives. Over time we have honed an approach that strikes an effective balance between resource and cost; utilising the technical knowledge of our SEO experts, coupled with the experience of what specific budgets achieve, we are able to deliver exceptional results that help our clients reach their digital marketing goals at an appropriate investment level.

Ultimately, we know that improving our clients’ visibility in search engine results can often be integral to a successful and long-term digital marketing strategy. Because of this, our overall process makes sure we carefully plan, implement and monitor any SEO activity, focusing on delivering high-quality results through our search tactics for our SME clients.

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