Get answers to all of those important questions

We know time is precious to our SME clients, so we’ve collected answers to some key questions you may have about working with a digital marketing agency.  


  • What can I expect from working with you?

    • Choosing to work with SQ Digital means choosing an experienced digital marketing agency that cares about your business doing well. It means you’ll be working with an agency that has over 20 years of experience in creating and delivering successful digital marketing strategies. Our experience has taught us that there are key things that are guaranteed to have a big impact on the success of a digital marketing campaign. 

      We’ve refined these things down into our four approach principles: 

      1) Don’t begin projects without defining measurable objectives 

      2) Seek to understand a client’s organisation, needs and customers 

      3) Enable clients to see the bigger picture of digital marketing 

      4) Measure, review and improve at regular intervals 

      You can find out more about these by visiting our  Approach page. 

  • Where are your offices?

    • Our offices are in a stunning, historic building on Church Street in the heart of Lancaster in Lancashire, UK. We’re within easy reach of Manchester and Liverpool and only two-and-a-half hours by train from London Euston, so we’re well placed to work with businesses across the country.

      We provide digital marketing services to clients all over the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, and all over Cumbria.

      We’re always happy for you to pop into our offices to understand better who we are and what we do.

  • Why can I trust your agency?

    • Trust and transparency are important for all businesses and particularly for SMEs. We continually evolve our digital marketing agency to give more value to our SME clients and that’s always been based on mutual trust. 

      Building long-term relationships with our clients help us to achieve consistent results. We’ve found this approach has worked well and we’re proud that many clients have been with us for over 20 years.

      We regularly measure our work to identify improvements. By capturing and analysing data, we produce and share focused reports which enable us to adapt how we work.

  • What services does your agency offer?

  • How much can I expect to pay for your services?

    • Experience has taught us that an investment of between £750 and £4,000 per month is beneficial for most SME clients. We would agree on the level of investment required in the early stages of working together, and it will depend on how quickly you want to grow your business.

      We use a monthly retainer which is fundamental to the success of your digital marketing. We work in partnership with you, investing in your goals long-term and focusing on lasting excellent performance and results.


  • What makes your agency different?

    • We have a passion for creating digital marketing campaigns that make a huge difference for SMEs.

      We believe these businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, bringing fresh ideas that challenge the status quo, drive economic growth and create job opportunities. 

      Our entire agency is shaped by the specific needs of working with SMEs.


  • How do I get started?

    • Getting started with us is simple.

      Get in touch either by email, phone or simply fill out a contact form available throughout the site. You can also use the form on our  contact page.

      We’ll then get in touch to discuss your requirements and brief and see if we can help. Our approach is centred around gathering as much information about your business as we can. Your unique proposal will be based on what we consider to be the best solution for your company’s needs. You can read more about and download a document explaining our approach.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Why choose an agency over employing in-house?

    • This is an excellent question, and not surprisingly, it’s one that we hear often.

      We pride ourselves on our talented team of experts  in digital marketing. This allows us to design strategies and implement comprehensive and measurable digital marketing campaigns using all disciplines.

      When comparing the salary of one entry-level in-house marketing employee against the cost of working with our experienced digital marketing team, an agency can offer far more value and impact.

      If you decide to go with an agency, read our blog on choosing a digital marketing agency that fits your business. 


  • Does my business really need digital marketing?

    • We believe that all businesses, large or small, benefit from having a relevant digital marketing strategy, especially those in a competitive industry. Businesses can no longer rely on a traditional marketing strategy for a successful campaignBy integrating various digital channels, we can implement innovative and creative digital marketing campaigns that will ultimately deliver results and grow your business online.

      For more information read our article on the benefits of digital marketing.

  • Have you won any awards?

    • We’ve been nominated for numerous awards and have won several too. We’re proud to be RAR Award Winners, which includes picking up the award for best content strategyWe’ve also been included on the Prolific North Top 50 Digital Agency list for five consecutive years, alongside some of the industry’s most reputable organisations. 

      We’re among a limited number of agencies counted as a Google Premier Partner, which means we’ve been recognised for our Google Ads expertise, have proven experience in delivering increased agency and client revenue. 

  • What clients have you worked with?

    • We’ve worked with some large companies, but we don’t shout about working with big national brands, nor do we have a portfolio showcasing work with household names. This is simply because our passion is for servicing the SME market – something we don’t believe agencies working with big brands can fully do. We’re proud to work with some  fantastic SMEs  across the UK and beyond. 

      Big brands require a different approach, and our agency has been  crafted to service  small and medium-sized businesses. Although you might not see our clients advertising on TV, you’ll find that we’ve worked with various businesses; from entrepreneurs breaking into the market to those who can call themselves independent industry leaders.

  • How do you measure the success of your work?

    • Return on investment and value for money are top priorities for our clients so a need to measure, review and improve our work is a hugely important component of our approach

      We regularly capture and extract data into relevant and focused reporting that validates the work being done and direct any changes to strategy, as new information is collected. It’s impossible to gauge success without goals or objectives to measure against. It’s important that we help you explore the objectives at the heart of your digital presence to create a meaningful solution that can be measured for success.

  • What is a digital marketing ecosystem?

    • It’s hugely valuable for you to see and understand that your organisation’s digital presence is made up of a number of parts, with each piece having a particular purpose or strength.

      Approaching digital marketing channels as if they exist in isolation will limit success or even waste time and investment. We capture this bigger, connected picture by using what we call a digital marketing ecosystem; this is a graphic representation of the different channels and components of your digital marketing presence and how they connect and work together. 

  • How long is the minimum sign-up period?

    • We of course hope for a long-term partnership that spans many years, but we ask that you commit to a minimum sign-up period of six months. This ties in with our process which is built around a six-month strategydesigned to benefit and support the needs of you business.

  • How big is your agency?

    • We have one office location with specialist departments made up of experts in their fields. Our five principal departments areDesign and Development,  Social Media,  Pay-Per-Click,  Content Marketingand Search Engine OptimisationThis allows us to strike a balance between talent, resource and cost. Our office is spread located in a beautiful Grade II-listed building in the heart of Lancaster, which is conveniently located in the Northwest county of Lancashire, UK. We have about 35 people on the team and growing.

  • Will you work with other digital marketing partners?

    • We are more than happy to work with other digital providers to fulfil your digital marketing needs but we’ll always advocate for having a digital marketing strategy in place to direct each agency towards a common and focused goal. Experience has taught us the importance of defining goals and objectives, particularly when multiple partners are involved in fulfilling a marketing strategy. 

  • How easy is it to switch to your agency?

    • Our  way of working is set up to accommodate clients switching to us as their digital marketing partner. We will pull together a firm understanding of your business, customers, competitors, objectives and current digital marketing to make sure we maintain the positive impact of previous digital marketing achievements, such as search engine rankings.