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As a B2B (business to business) organisation, we understand that website design and layout is crucial when targeting other businesses. Compared to a B2C website, your audience will generally better understand the products or services you offer. And so, B2B websites can often contain more technical content.

At SQ Digital, we get to know your industry inside and out before creating your B2B website. We also analyse your competition to ensure we’re able to set your business apart.

Your website is a core component of your business’s digital marketing strategy. It serves as the main information and research hub for your customers and is where they ultimately decide on whether to purchase from or enquire with you. There are many opportunities for promoting your products and services – social media, blogs, paid advertising, visual content, and these all direct potential customers to your website.

So, ensuring your B2B website design is fully optimised for search engine marketing, responsive, and easy to use has never been more vital. Giving your customers the answers they need quickly and easily while also making their browsing an enjoyable experience will generate qualified leads.

As an SME focused digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of setting yourself apart from the crowd. Creating an engaging, effective website optimised for your target B2B market and supported by a digital marketing campaign will boost business and support continued growth.

Transform your online presence

An effective, well-optimised B2B site can create leads for your business and generate sales, mainly because it attracts the attention of both users and search engines. And, as it continues to grow alongside your business, your website will start to generate more leads with greater frequency.

To ensure your business site is set up to meet these requirements, it must achieve the three core objectives:

  • Generate traffic
  • Engage users
  • Drive conversions and sales

Our detailed B2B web design process ensures that your site is ready to meet these criteria while covering all key areas:

  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Optimisation

Effective, engaging B2B websites

As a B2B owner, you must keep your customers at the centre of your B2B marketing strategy, and this is key to connecting with them effectively and capturing their attention. With so much competition out there, having an optimised and engaging WordPress website that portrays your business and services is vital.

Make sure your website is ready to create qualified leads for your business – get in touch with our B2B web development experts today. We're here to help!

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