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Dean Group – Case Study

Specialising in investment casting with manufacturing facilities in Manchester, Dean Group International is a long-established, family-owned company offering services such as die-casting, metal injection moulding (MIM) and forging.


Dean Group was seeking a digital marketing partner that could work alongqside its business and effectively act as the marketing department for the company. As part of the brief, Dean Group wanted to increase brand awareness through carefully created content and Digital PR opportunities. Alongside this, the owners were looking for improvements in keyword positions, with a particular focus on investment casting.


SQ Digital identified an opportunity to improve Dean Group’s positions with a content-led SEO approach due to the technical nature of the industry. The strategy included ensuring that products and services contained relevant and detailed information that users would find unique and valuable. By fully optimising the content and targeting audiences within the industry, we significantly increased the chances of generating backlinks from relevant publications.

We also focused our attention on creating highly-targeted articles to industry-based publications, creating landing pages to promote key services, and ongoing content marketing as part of our strategy to maximise results for Dean Group.

The Results

  • Main keyword ‘investment casting’ went from position 46 to being on the first page of Google
  • 66.61% increase in website traffic
  • 356.16% increase in organic search traffic
  • Secured a monthly Digital PR submission to Northwest Aerospace Alliance – both online and in the print

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