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With over 2.8 billion active users worldwide, Facebook has a massive online community for B2C and B2B businesses. Facebook provides an unmissable opportunity for any business with an online presence.

As Meta Business Partners and experts in in paid social media management, we understand the importance of creating a solid Facebook marketing campaign. At SQ Digital, we have paid social media experts who can create and deliver cost-effective, full-funnel campaigns to increase brand awareness and a return on investment.

Facebook is one of many social media platforms that, as a business, you should be using as a part of your social media marketing campaign. With over 2.9 billion active users worldwide (and counting), Facebook has a massive online community for both B2C and B2B businesses. As a result, Facebook provides an unmissable opportunity for any business with an online presence, making it an essential part of your social media marketing campaign.

Why Is Facebook Advertising Important?

Facebook is much more than a social media platform for personal use. Due to the many integrated features added over the years, the platform has much more to offer everyday users. More people use Facebook to find reviews and information about products and services they intend to buy, which is why, as a business, having a strong Facebook presence is critical.

Facebook ads are imperative to a successful digital marketing campaign as, when conducted properly, they have the potential to improve your brand’s visibility and increase your brand awareness. In addition to this, they can be a great platform to help you drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

However, in order to do this properly, your Facebook advertising campaign will need careful planning. The importance of research and strategy should not be underestimated, as you will need to conduct many tests to find the correct targeting, the best tone of voice and creative content, as well as the ideal budget.

How Does Paid Facebook Marketing Work?

It’s vital to partner with a Facebook marketing agency that understands the importance of this social media platform’s impact. Here at SQ Digital, our Facebook advertising services work to deliver your business with impactful campaigns that will assist the growth of your business. We apply a strategic and data-driven approach to our Facebook marketing services, combined with exceptional targeting capabilities, pinpointing your customers based on their shopping habits, behaviours, and activities.

Our comprehensive list of Facebook Paid Social Media services include:

  1. Planning and Research

    Our team sets monthly plans to better implement your Paid Social advertising strategy and constantly keep up to date with the latest trends and features that Paid Social platforms provide.

  2. Optimisation and Testing

    This service ensures your account runs efficiently so we can maximise your budget. In addition, minor improvements, such as pausing underperforming creatives, can positively impact the success of your campaign.

  3. Audience Targeting and Segmentation

    We regularly review audience targeting to identify gaps in your campaign strategy. This includes demographic, behavioural, and custom audiences.

  4. Landing Page Optimisation

    We need to ensure your ad campaigns direct users to the optimal landing page for the best performance to meet your campaign goals.

  5. Conversion Tracking

    We implement conversion tracking to ensure you can see if customers or users have completed a purchase, signed up for a form, or even made a phone call.

  6. Weekly and Monthly Reporting

    We regularly provide easily accessible overview reports of the performance of your ad campaigns, enabling us to make informed decisions on changes to make in your campaign.

  7. Creative Design

    We work closely with our graphic design team to create the best creatives and images to advertise your products and services.

  8. Tone of Voice

    All ad copy and creatives are considered with your brand’s tone of voice in mind.

Our Facebook advertising is an effective way to reach your target audiences. You can invest as little or as much as you like into your campaigns, meaning you can engage with niche markets even if you’re working with a limited budget.

Our paid social media services deliver measurable results, including increased sales, improved social presence, and more engagement.

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How Does Organic Facebook Marketing Work?

Our organic social offerings provide a great way to build your audience and establish yourself as an industry leader within your field. By posting regular and consistent content on Facebook, you will increase your brand’s visibility, expand your reach, and, in turn, increase sales.

In addition, organic social through Facebook allows you to stay connected to those in your industry through trending topics and relevant news.

As part of your digital marketing campaign, you must post regular, organic social posts on Facebook, which include sharing your blogs and other website content to drive traffic straight to where it needs to be.

As a social media agency, we can help you with your Facebook marketing, providing you with the services addressed here, all tailored to your business. Find out more by contacting our team of Facebook marketing experts today.

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