Web Design for Crime Prevention Initiate: Lancashire Partnership Against Crime

Lancashire Partnership Against Crime (LANPAC) is a unique collaborative project between Lancashire Constabulary, Lancashire Businesses and Public Services, initiating crime prevention across the area.

SQ Digital had previously worked with LANPAC when we designed their original website several years ago. Their website has served them well over the years, but the organisation was keen to have it updated to reflect the increasing use of mobiles and other devices. LANPAC was searching for a user-friendly design that allowed them to add all the information and pages they needed, and they also wanted to be able to add WordPress plugins.

In short, our brief included:

  • A new website that was easy to navigate
  • An up-to-date site that worked seamlessly on modern devices
  • A user-friendly website with a community feel

As LANPAC’S web design agency, we made sure to communicate with the client fully. Transparency and honesty are crucial to us, so we ensured that the team at LANPAC was happy with the way the site was progressing. We kept them in the loop throughout the project, and we made tweaks and changes as requested by the client.

The Solution

The project was completed in July 2021 and had regular communication with the client throughout. All contact was at the client’s convenience, as we understood that the organisation was busy and that they were only contactable at certain times.

We discussed all elements of the project, including new features that LANPAC wanted to add to the. We also asked them for feedback throughout the duration of the project to ensure that we were on the right track.

It was important for LANPAC that the new website housed a lot of information and that visitors could easily and quickly navigate the pages, so we focused heavily on providing a website with an excellent user experience.

Once the website was finished, we also delivered a one-to-one training session with the client to help them use the site going forward.

The Results

  • A fully optimised and fast website – LANPAC
  • A fresh, modern design using brand illustrations and assets
  • Projects and team management functionality
  • Ease of use via website editing software
  • A responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • One-to-one training to help LANPAC use the site

from Web Design for Crime Prevention Initiate: Lancashire Partnership Against Crime told SQ Digital:

“We thought that the team came up with some great ideas surrounding the brief we sent them. They all went above and beyond to help us get to exactly where we needed to be. All the ideas were communicated well, and the team always provided us with complete explanations, making sure we understood everything.

“Our new website project is now up and running and we’re all delighted with its functionality. It hits all of the objectives we discussed in the initial brief stages.”

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