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Website content refers to all the written text on your website, and this includes your main top-level service or category pages, product pages and blog pages. Expertly written website content is based on the following factors:

  1. Gaining a detailed understanding of the business
  2. Developing and maintaining expert knowledge of the product or service on offer
  3. Understanding the customer personas and the needs of the user

The Importance of Effective Website Content Writing

Website Copy in CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

You may be running multiple digital marketing campaigns, including SEO, PPC and social media marketing, with the goal of these campaigns being to drive relevant traffic to your website. Therefore, your content needs to help your visitors find what they’re searching for quickly.

When a visitor carries out a specific task on a website, like signing up for a newsletter, making an enquiry or buying a product, we call these ‘conversions’. Good website copy is essential for optimising your conversion rate. It’s also your best opportunity to establish your brand’s identity and to demonstrate your industry expertise.

By defining a tone of voice for your brand and ensuring that all your content is written following a clear tone of voice guide, you’ll maintain consistency across your website. This builds trust with your target audience, which means visitors will be more likely to use your services or purchase from you.

Website Content and SEO

Expertly written website content is crucial to ensure that your business gets noticed by the right people. For your website to rank highly in search results and target the right people, you need SEO content writing services.

Our Data-Driven Approach to Content Writing

Our services follow a data-driven approach, meaning that:

  1. We continually update our methods to stay in line with changes in search engine algorithms, working in partnership with SEO
  2. We thoroughly research every piece of content we create to ensure that it’s engaging and relevant to your readers
  3. We develop a deep understanding of your customer personas, which allows us to target potential new customers accurately
  4. We conduct a detailed competitor analysis to help your content stay ahead of the competition

At SQ Digital, our team of expert content creators take the time to get to know your business and your customers, making sure that all of the content we write reflects your expertise within your industry.

Whether you’re looking for website content to fit an ongoing content strategy, or you need fresh, engaging content that will help your website draw in new customers, our team has the experience and the know-how to get your business noticed.

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