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Instagram has over 1 billion active users worldwide, and its growth doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, with its partnership with Facebook in 2012 allowing it to thrive even more.

As a result, Instagram provides a huge opportunity for advertisers to tap into this ever-growing market and attract new customers to their brand. It’s an excellent platform to drive e-commerce revenue and target new audiences.

As a social media agency with over 20 years of experience, our team is well equipped with specialist knowledge of various social platforms, including Instagram. Our social media experts have perfected their skills to provide our clients with solid Instagram marketing campaigns that allow businesses to build their online presence and reach their target audiences. In addition, as a certified Meta Business Partner, our Instagram social media management team are just the people you need to boost your Instagram presence.

What Do We Offer?

SQ Digital is an Instagram marketing agency with your business goals at the forefront of our every move. Our paid social media and organic social experts work closely together to provide you with precisely what you need to reach your Instagram targets.

We can post as regular as your business needs, creating engaging and purposeful images in line with your brand and keeping your Instagram page busy with activity. In addition, we deliver creative, cost-effective, and full-funnel campaigns allowing your business’s Instagram presence to thrive through advertisements and in harmony with your Facebook and LinkedIn social platforms.

Paid Instagram Advertising Services

Our data-driven Instagram marketing services take the creative approach, applying our knowledge of the visuals-led platform with our exceptional targeting capabilities to pinpoint your customers’ shopping habits, behaviours, and activities. Once we have targeted the right people, we can build on your Instagram advertising strategy to increase brand awareness and provide a better return on your investment.

We have perfected our comprehensive list of Instagram paid media services, which include:

  1. Planning and Research

    Our monthly plans allow us to keep up to date with trends, features, and updates that Instagram advertising provides.

  2. Optimisation and Testing

    We ensure your account runs efficiently through constant minor improvements, which lets us maximise your budget and potential.

  3. Audience Targeting and Segmentation

    Identifying demographic, behavioural, and custom audience gaps gives us the opportunity to improve your campaign strategy and target the right people.

  4. Landing Page Optimisation

    Directing traffic to the optimal landing pages is crucial for the best performance and meeting your campaign goals.

  5. Conversion Tracking

    Our team implements conversion tracking, allowing us to monitor customers’ actions, such as completing a purchase or signing up for a form.

  6. Weekly and Monthly Reporting

    The best way to stay in the know about the success of your campaigns (or the changes needed) is to look at overview reports and assess using accurate data.

  7. Creative Design

    Our graphic designers work closely with the paid media team to allow us to create the best visual content, which is an essential factor in Instagram advertising.

  8. Tone of Voice

    Each piece of content we create aligns with your brand’s tone of voice.

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Organic Social Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram is essential to your organic social campaign, providing you with the perfect visuals-led platform to display your products, services, and information about your company. As part of our organic social strategy, we will post regular and consistent visually appealing content on Instagram that increases brand visibility, reach your target audience, and convert sales.

These posts include sharing your blog and website content, directing traffic to your website, and visually engaging and sharable posts to allow you to build your industry and target audience relationships. Staying connected to your audience is crucial, and Instagram is the ideal platform to do this.

Make Your Marketing Strategy Insta-Worthy

Instagram is unique in that it is almost an entirely visual platform. While some businesses may view this as a downside and avoid utilising the platform, we see it as an incredible opportunity to show off your branding and display yourselves to your target audience. In addition, using interactive and reactive features such as Instagram Stories allows you to connect with your audience, unlike any other platform. Similarly, Instagram enables you to show your authentic self through people-posts, which have been proven as one of the most engaging post types and a great recruitment resource. This helps you create familiarity and trust between yourselves and your target audience, which is essential when building relationships.

SQ Digital is the leading digital marketing agency in Lancaster with the means to provide your business with all the Instagram advertising services addressed here. Discover more by contacting our team of social media experts today.

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