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SQ Digital increases the performance of websites in search results pages for businesses small, large and everything in between.

With over 20 years of experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we work with our clients to generate tangible results that make a difference.

Our clients come to us to increase website traffic, improve brand awareness, increase sales and lead generation, stay competitive and to utilise a cost-effective marketing channel. This is exactly what our SEO services can provide for you.

The competition for clicks on search engine results pages (SERPs) is growing each year. Positioning your business at the top of the organic results couldn’t be more important. SMEs need SEO, the most cost-effective search engine marketing channel, to stay competitive, grow brand awareness and increase sales and lead generation.

Lizzy Goldsbrough SEO Manager

Why You Need SEO Services

Any business operating locally, nationally or internationally needs to have an online presence for continual and maximised success.

SEO is an organic form of search engine marketing where your money is invested to improve your website over the long term. SEO work enhances website performance, not only for improved search engine visibility but for better user experience (UX).

Clients come to SQ Digital for SEO to:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Increase sales and lead generation
  • Stay competitive
  • Utilise a cost-effective marketing channel

With SEO, you don’t pay Google to appear within the top results on search engine results pages. Instead, our SEO work is invested in your website and the benefits last.

How SEO Works

Search engines, such as Google, are businesses like yours that want to provide the best user experience to their customers.

When a person searches a term in a search engine, the search engine presents web pages (excluding the pay-per-click ads) with those most likely to help the searcher find the answer they need at the top.

SEO involves identifying relevant search terms that your web pages provide appropriate answers or solutions to. The next step is to then enhance the content, engagement, page loading experience, and more than 200+ other factors, that search engines look at when choosing the ranking order of web pages.

Higher rankings lead to greater visibility and brand awareness, and more website visitors translate to more website sales and leads. Our work increases the amount of money our clients make online with an excellent Return On Investment (ROI).

Some of the specific SEO work we do is outlined below:

Want to see how your technical SEO and UX hold up against the competition? Try out our free website audit tool.

Integrated SEO Marketing Campaigns

To make your SEO marketing campaign as effective as possible, it’s essential to use a wide range of digital marketing services alongside an SEO service. Our SEO experts work closely with our content marketing, PPC and web design teams to build a strategy to drive traffic to your main service and product pages.

Every client we work with benefits from our collaborative way of working and receives a seamless SEO service that provides the best possible results.

Long Term SEO Strategy

Our goals and SEO campaigns don’t stop with rankings. We carefully monitor user behaviour within your website, looking at click-through rate optimisation and conversion rate optimisation. We aim to help users in their journey, from finding your business on a search engine results page to contacting you through the website or purchasing a product.

We look at your website comprehensively, from on-site content to site structure, user behaviour, traffic analysis, technical SEO, and off-site elements, to provide the bigger picture of your website’s visibility not only on search engines but also by potential customers. One of our strongest assets is the way we work closely with our web designers and developers so that SEO optimisation is not just on the face of your website.

Our SEO experts know how to achieve exceptional results using our tried and tested methods, never losing sight of your business goals.

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We don’t offer digital marketing services without research to get a sale – that would be irresponsible. Our recommendations will meet the objectives set out by you and us. Clients stay with us for many years and we’re proud that we have such long-lasting relationships.

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