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SQ Digital is one of the UK’s first SEO agencies, offering services in digital marketing since 2000. Technical SEO services form a vital part of the work we do within our broader SEO campaigns.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a part of on-page SEO. It includes any website or server-related optimisation designed to make the website more accessible to search engines for crawling, rendering, and indexing.

Technical SEO optimisation alters website elements that are generally not obvious to a website user, although this is not always the case. For example, we look at pagination, canonicals, meta robots, sitemap.xml files… the list goes on. So don’t worry if you do not know what these are, that’s where we can help.

Search engines develop and change as they strive to promote the best user experience. Two very important and relevant technical SEO elements as of 2021 include: Mark Up is a coding language developed by different search engines working together, including Google, Yandex, Microsoft and Yahoo (as well as others). This code essentially provides instructions to the search engine explaining what type of content is showing. Google uses this code to create rich snippets in the search results pages. For example, we added AggregateRating, ReviewCount, Availability and Price mark up to one of our clients’ product pages, Banks Lyon. The result is that this information then appears in search and enhances the listing, making it more attractive and helps to improve click-through rates:

search results example showing aggregate star ratings and price rich snippets

Core Web Vitals

The June 2021 core algorithm update included part one of two updates designed to reward websites that load quickly and smoothly. These updates focus on on-page experience and emphasise how important a fast and responsive website is across all devices. You can find more in our insights article that focuses on core web vitals.

Consulting a technical SEO specialist like SQ Digital ensures that organic audiences find your website. We can also help ensure that your website’s performance is responsive, quick, logical, and easy for all users.

Why is Technical SEO Important?

Technical SEO is a crucial element in promoting a website’s potential to appear and compete in search results pages (SERPs). Without a well-optimised website, search engines might not crawl all pages, render them or choose to display the pages in search results (index them). If crawl issues are present, then valuable content may be missed entirely by the search engine. If you’re unsure of the SEO performance of your website domain, you can use our free SEO audit tool for some quick insights.

Do I Need to Worry About Technical SEO If My Website is New?

Technical SEO is key to driving visibility and organic growth for all websites, regardless of how old a website is. Not all website developers will factor in technical SEO elements when creating a new website which is something to look out for.

Here at SQ Digital, our web design team collaborates with our SEO team to ensure all new websites are created with technical SEO in mind. We avoid bloated plugins and themes and ensure all sites are launched with Schema integration capabilities. Also, resource URLs are compressed and cached to improve performance on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Why Choose SQ Digital as Your Technical SEO Specialists?

Staying on top of the latest SEO trends is something we do very well here at SQ Digital. We can make sure your website stays ahead of the curve regarding search engine updates.

With a strong partnership between our development and SEO experts, we’re quick to resolve and address any technical issues that arise on your website. We’re also happy to liaise with external developers.

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