An Experienced SEO Agency

SearchQuest was one of the UK’s first SEO agencies in Lancaster, allowing us to have an expert insight into how far Search Engine Optimisation has come over the years, as well as using this knowledge to inform our clients’ campaigns. SQ Digital have been there throughout the history of SEO, from simplistic SEO strategies to used rank on AOL in the early noughties to the complex, forward-thinking SEO strategies of today.

We are proud of what we have achieved for our clients, and have been recognised as one of the country’s most credible SEO agencies on numerous occasions. We have been shortlisted for the Best Large SEO Agency at the UK Search Awards and the European Search Awards 2017, as well as being recognised as one of Prolific North’s Top 50 Digital Agencies.

Through our innovative approach to SEO, we help our clients to improve their organic traffic as well as their keyword rankings through long term strategies. Our SEO experts use technical knowledge coupled with a user-oriented approach in order to deliver exceptional results from your search campaign. With a fantastic understanding of what makes Google tick, our experts know how to build a sustainable campaign for your brand, as well as ensuring that your website is fully compliant with search engine Webmaster Guidelines.

SQ Digital are regularly recognised as a leading SEO Agency in the UK
As a frequent best large SEO agency nominee, SQ Digital experts like Beth Cook regularly getting the most for your keywords

SEO To Build Your Brand Authority

Our SEO campaigns begin with a full audit of your website, alongside extensive keyword and competitor research. This informs how we can optimise your website fully in line with your requirements and expectations, allowing us to prepare your website for a long-term campaign that delivers real results.

At SQ Digital, SEO doesn’t stop at site-wide optimisation. Our experts carefully strategize to develop an organic search campaign that utilises our expertise in search engine marketing, implementing techniques including SEO content writing that is friendly to both users and search engines, user-experience optimisation, conversion optimisation, technical health checks and the implementation of technical SEO techniques.

We take the time to get to know your brand identity and what you expect from your SEO campaign. This allows us to tailor our strategy to work with your wider business goals and ultimately drive high quality organic traffic to your website.

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