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EMC Advertising Gifts: Digital Marketing Services for Ecommerce

EMC have been a specialist supplier of branded promotional gifts for over 50 years. Their business began in a North London garage, evolving over the years into the successful and well-established business they are today. Recent success has seen them merge with the largest, privately owned promotional gifts group in the United States, Geiger.


EMC identified early on how important the internet was going to be for company growth, as well as the sales opportunities that it might bring. Together, we identified the need to maximise visibility and trust in a market where being found before competitors is a strong factor of success. The key considerations were how to make sure EMC were getting discovered and what needed to be done to convert prospects into long-term customers.


Our relationship with EMC began with a solution which heavily leant towards search engine optimisation, giving the company organic visibility on websites fast becoming the go-to for online shoppers. In more recent years, and alongside EMC’s growth and expansion, this has steadily progressed into a complete omnichannel digital marketing strategy, which includes a fully responsive website, a fine-tuned approach to SEO and a content marketing strategy balanced in relevance and creativity.

The following strategic measures have been key factors in this success:

Organic SEO strategies have consistently sustained competitive keywords in number one positions on Google. Alongside organic search, PPC campaigns have directed more targeted traffic to the website and generated more leads, driving and increasing customer acquisition.

A fully functional e-commerce site was created bespoke to the company’s requirements. The site has not only stayed true to the EMC brand but has also continually improved the overall user experience by consistently evolving the website to keep it in line with advances in technology.

Content marketing and social media efforts have been integral in strengthening brand awareness and raising the company’s profile with relevant stakeholders, as well as becoming a catalyst for encouraging direct engagement with EMC’s target audiences.

EMC’s success story provides an endorsement to our approach, which has a firm eye on our clients’ long-term business aspirations. We have worked through cycles of increased investment in digital marketing, as objectives are achieved, regularly reviewing insights from campaign data collected over time.

This has allowed us to build a continually changing, future-focused and effective digital marketing strategy that has stood the test of time.

The Results

During our working partnership with EMC, we have witnessed them go from operating out of a garage in north London be being acquired by a global leader. We’d like to think our contribution to their digital marketing had a part to play in the journey.

  • Acquisition by the largest privately-owned promotional products distributor in the world
  • 44% increase in goal completion
  • 2,700 new visitors on average per month during 2017
  • 34% increase in sample requests

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