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Fueltek are market leaders in the provision of fuel management solutions. As the UK’s premier fuel management company, they work closely with the commercial transport industry and are considered experts in the designing, developing, manufacturing and installation of a wide range of fuel management systems, tanks and pumps.


It was clear that the audience Fueltek were seeking to attract had shifted away from the traditional methods of networking used by the industry. Brand visibility was a key concern in order to stay relevant in a changing market landscape. When they first approached us in 2013, they were looking for an agency that could help them improve their visibility online and their keyword positions in organic search.


As a starting point and to better understand this industry, we carried out extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords for their website, targeting a mixture of broad, exact and long-tail keywords, whilst aiming to drive organic traffic by positioning them within the first page of Google.

Based on this information, we then carried out an in-depth competitor analysis to benchmark Fueltek against their competitors. This gave us an invaluable understanding of who was ranking organically and what keywords were the most competitive.

To reinforce this organic approach, our content marketing strategy has allowed us to successfully position Fueltek as an authority within their industry, providing a platform for them to educate potential customers on fuel management.

To demonstrate the services Fueltek provide, we have also created a Case Study page on their website. This gives us an opportunity to highlight the company’s expertise through showcasing the work they have carried out for some big brand names, such as Nestlé, Hovis and Virgin Trains.

Finally, we added a small PPC campaign to direct more targeted traffic to the website. This amplified their exposure whilst generating quick results; this also allowed us to generate more leads, as well as drive and increase customer acquisition.

The Results

Maintaining a good relationship with Fueltek over the past 6 years has been key in establishing them as a premier fuel management company in the UK.

  • 100% of main key phrases in the top 5 positions on Google
  • 30% increase in session time
  • 23% increase in organic search
  • 368% rise in goal completions year on year