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Papermill Direct is a provider of high-quality paper, card and craft products. The e-commerce business works with suppliers across the UK and Ireland, plus several EU and Scandinavian countries.

As a large stockist of coloured paper and cards, Papermill Direct is committed to being as eco-friendly as possible by ensuring that products are ethically sourced and supply chains are kept as pollution-free as they can be.

The company also prides itself on excellent customer service, as Papermill Direct wants all clients to receive the best experience and products.

Digital Marketing Brief

Papermill Direct offers a wide choice of paper, card and craft supplies to both individuals and trade clients, meaning the company has a varied clientele looking to buy many different products.

Papermill Direct was looking to boost organic search rankings to attract a wide range of potential customers and drive more sales. The brand wanted to showcase the vast range of products available to clients and drive online sales at or above a 500% return on ad spend (ROAS) – this meant the online retailer was looking for revenue of £5 for each £1 spent.

Digital Marketing Sevices

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO marketing strategy is based on research, data analysis and an in-depth understanding of our client’s business. As part of the SEO campaign and our commitment to improving rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs), we carried out competitor research and a keyword gap analysis. The results enabled us to understand how Papermill’s competitors were doing and which keywords needed to rank.

We also performed click-through rate optimisation to gain a competitive edge in search and promote rank positions.

In addition, we carried out a technical SEO audit and while working closely with Papermill Direct’s external developers, we were able to apply fixes to ensure the website is well-optimised from a user perspective and for SERPs.

We used Microsoft Clarity to conduct behavioural analysis and search for ways to improve the user experience and increase conversion rate optimisation.

Our goal was to encourage as much relevant organic traffic to the website as possible. This meant traffic for top-level, broad, high search volume keywords and product level, high conversion potential keywords.

Our SEO campaign included optimising relevant blog pages for long-tail keywords, which helped Papermill Direct see an increase in organic traffic to the site via the blog page.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Services

Our digital marketing strategy included an integrated PPC campaign. We implemented several Google Shopping campaigns and Smart Shopping campaigns to promote the full range of Papermill products to people searching for them.

Papermill Direct supply a large number of products and our focus had to be on a variety of paper, card and craft supplies, and not just a handful of products. This way, we were able to display many different items to people interested in what Papermill offers.

We created different ads to ensure maximum visibility and exposure, including adverts at the top or side of Google’s search page and on the shopping tab.

Digital Marketing Campaign Results

Since working together with SQ Digital, Papermill Direct has improved its rankings and seen a boost in online sales. Take a look at some of the outstanding results we accomplished and continue to achieve with our ongoing integrated SEO and PPC campaigns:

  • The company ranks between 1 and 3 in SERPs for over 225 relevant keywords with search volume.
  • 111.5% increase in organic sessions (31,563 vs 14,924) – comparing February 2020 to February 2021.
  • Ranks position 1 for “cardstock”- a keyword with 2,400 searches per month.
  • Ranks position 2, behind only Amazon, for “coloured card” (4,400 searches per month).
  • Ranks position 1 for “card blanks”, which receives 2,900 searches a month.
  • 33 million people have seen papermill’s PPC campaign ads, with almost 400,000 clicks on the ads, generating over £500,000 in revenue.

SQ Digital Client Testimonial


At SQ Digital, we value our customers’ feedback and here’s what Liz from Papermill Direct had to say:

“We are really pleased with the results and revenue generated by investing with SQ. As a small team at Papermill Direct, we have neither the time nor the in-depth knowledge to do such a good job. We trust the SQ team a great deal in understanding our business, customers and goals.”

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