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Established back in 1994, ROCCIA is the largest independent retailer of tiles in the North. Synonymous with choice, quality and service, the retailer specialises in supplying a vast selection of high-end wall and floor tiles. The brand boasts the largest tiles and bath showroom in the UK, with over 20,000 square feet of showroom space, displaying the most extensive collection of modern, contemporary and luxury tiles and bathrooms.

Digital Marketing Brief

Branded initially as Tile Mart, Roccia wanted to direct its business’ strategy towards a more luxury lifestyle market and away from the ‘no frills’ cost-focused market segment. Following the name change and rebrand, it was time to establish an online presence to support and further their new business goals.

It was also important to the owners to keep the original fundamental brand values at the forefront of any marketing efforts, reassuring their existing customers that they were still the same independent family-run company. Another critical area of consideration was making sure valuable keyword rankings were not disrupted by any updates or changes.

Digital Marketing Services

To assist in the transition of Tile Mart into ROCCIA, we needed a website that promoted their newly designed logo, high-end services and product offering. The new website was designed to serve as an online window into their showrooms, showcasing their incredible range of tiles and bathrooms in a visually engaging and inspirational manner. We created a clear, contemporary and responsive website that epitomised the new stylish rebrand without losing the core values that made Tile Mart successful.

With the website ready for launch, we carefully considered the two most important factors: keyword rankings and brand awareness.

Our initial challenge was maintaining the consistent keyword positions that we had achieved in organic search for the Tile Mart brand. We completed a full SEO and domain transfer, ensuring that the site would inherit the domain authority of Tile Mart, as well as its positions on Google. By closely monitoring the rankings during this challenging period, we could control the migration to the new site without any noticeable drops in ranking. As a matter of fact, a lot of their main keywords gained improved positions.

Once the design aspect of the rebrand was complete, the new brand and website needed extra visibility for its launch. Therefore, in conjunction with organic search, we incorporated a PPC campaign to increase brand awareness and retain existing brand searches for the transition. This involved optimising their existing PPC account and managing the transition to a new account following the launch. Taking a multi-channel approach to their advertising, we combined a mixture of national and geographic-specific campaigns to ensure results based on targeting specific markets.

Our next challenge was transitioning from Tile Mart to ROCCIA without losing the reputation the business had worked so hard to build over the past 20 years. This meant devising a brand awareness campaign that would capture the updated, stylish and more modern feel of the website without sacrificing their status as a well-known and loved family-run business.

We created a content marketing strategy that seamlessly highlighted our shared vision for the new ROCCIA brand to achieve this goal. This involved targeting an audience with higher disposable income and more luxurious taste without alienating their current loyal customer base. In practical terms, we wrote more inspirational and interior design-based blogs and articles.

We also created a PR campaign around the new ROCCIA website and branding to increase brand awareness in both the local community and further afield. A press release was written, distributed and subsequently picked up by several publications.

Digital Marketing Results

The North’s largest independent tile retailer successfully transitioned from Tile Mart to Roccia without disrupting the achievements of previous SEO efforts while upping audience engagement levels across multiple channels.

  • 100% retention of authority and rankings
  • 45% increase in unique users
  • 254% increase in traffic to blog posts
  • 34% increase in traffic from the local area

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