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CityBlock is a family-owned business specialising in building and managing high-quality student accommodation since 2002. The property company offers en-suite rooms in city-centre locations, including Lancaster, Reading and Durham. CityBlock prides itself on providing high quality, all-inclusive, safe and secure student properties with the added benefit of being good value for money.

Digital Marketing Brief

CityBlock is a longstanding client of SQ Digital. The property company initially approached us for help regarding their digital presence in all UK locations. The client was looking to increase traffic to the website and, ultimately, achieve 100% occupancy on all their student accommodation.

Cityblock wanted to increase its brand awareness online and generate significant exposure across social media.

Digital Marketing Services

Fully Responsive Website design and build

As part of our comprehensive digital marketing campaign, we designed a completely bespoke, modern, SEO friendly and fully responsive website. The new site aimed to keep CityBlock ahead of other student accommodation providers through design and SEO.

Our web design work involved creating a custom booking system to facilitate room bookings, a WordPress blog, and integration with a third-party student booking CRM. We also added advanced features that include:

  • Multi-site locations
  • Room type management and editing
  • Feature galleries
  • Multiple custom forms

Technical SEO Service

A technical SEO strategy was designed and implemented to improve rankings of the main keywords and boost conversions of location-specific landing pages.

To boost traffic to key pages on the site and expand search visibility for their primary keywords, we:

  • Continuously optimised the content on all pages of the website
  • Performed website health checks
  • Monitored keywords and made tweaks to the site to improve them as needed
  • Performed technical SEO checks
  • Implemented an internal linking strategy

As part of our ongoing campaign, we optimise CityBlock’s website to ensure its main keywords remain on the first page.

We also aim to improve the brand’s visibility and increase the click-through rate of location-specific pages; by doing this, we can achieve even more conversions.

Online Content Marketing Service

We also developed a content marketing strategy to increase traffic to the website. We write articles that focus on aspects of student accommodation; including what students need to look for when coming to Lancaster, Durham, Leicester or Reading, what makes CityBlock unique as a place for students to live, and the features of the cities (such as what makes them great places to live).

Regularly adding fresh content to the site helps both users and search engines find CityBlock and further showcases the property company.

We implemented a social media campaign to increase follower counts and engagements on social platforms by publishing different posts. The posts included talking about accommodation, offers and discounts, perks of being a CityBlock client, student life posts, and more. The campaign helped CityBlock promote its Lancaster, Durham and Reading locations.

Online Brand Awareness Campaign

We also complemented our SEO and content strategies with social media by launching a competition to encourage new residents to book with CityBlock. A total of 80 prizes were on offer, including £1,000 towards a student’s accommodation fees. A specific landing page was designed to support an integrated PPC campaign, along with terms and conditions. We also created a bespoke banner for the site to promote the competition.

In addition, we also create remarketing campaigns to recapture people who visited the website before, ensuring the CityBlock brand remain visible and fresh in their minds.

Digital Marketing Campaign Results

SEO and Content Marketing Campaign

  • Over 37,000 people were reached on Facebook and 565 clicks were generated.
  • All main keywords are on the front page of Google
  • 100% rooms were occupied in all Lancaster locations.
  • Since 2019, organic traffic has increased by 9% for Lancaster, 15% for Reading and 13% for Durham.
  • Conversions on the location-specific landing pages increased by 100% on Durham and 40% on both Lancaster and Reading between January and June 2021 when compared to the same time period in 2019.

PPC Campaign

  • PPC campaigns – Over 1.8m impressions and over 17,000 clicks
  • 218 direct conversions and 178 attributed conversions – a user interacted with the ads and eventually came back to the website through a different channel.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we help small and medium-sized businesses implement a digital marketing strategy and campaigns tailored to their individual goals.

If you’d like to learn more about our services and how we can help you, contact us today or run a free website SEO audit.

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