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Electronic World: Digital Marketing for Retail

Selling to customers online and from their Birmingham showroom for over 26 years, Electronic World is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ‘graded’ televisions and discounted TVs to the wholesale and retail industries.


Having started their online business on eBay, Electronic World wanted to reduce their reliance on the third-party marketplace. With the ambition of selling to customers through more direct means, they wanted to ensure that long-term success of their business wasn’t dependent on eBay.


Our solution was centred around the creation of an ecommerce website that would become the brand’s new home for online sales, refining the company’s image, which led to Electronic World becoming a trusted market leader in their area of TV retail.

The bespoke website build adopted responsive functionality, allowing users to easily navigate the design features across all devices, and extensive on-site optimisation enabled the site to rank favourably with search engines. A firm eye was also fixed on the website user experience, allowing for a seamless user journey to maximise the site’s conversion rate.

In order to build a sustainable online presence for Electronic World and encourage customers to purchase from their new online store, our digital marketing strategy was focused on achieving brand visibility through organic SEO techniques and relevant, high-quality content marketing.

The Results

The transformed buying experience and brand presence across digital channels resulted in outcomes which exceeded expectations and put the business’s online sales firmly back in the hands of its owners.

  • 182% Increase in organic search traffic year on year
  • 113% Increase in revenue
  • 89% increase in direct website transactions
  • 81% of targeted keywords ranking on page 1 of Google

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