Digital Marketing for the Beauty Industry

Before social media, the beauty industry was almost entirely shop-based. Consumers would head out to the high street to top up on their make-up, try out swatches, and speak to beauty experts in-person about the latest products and trends.

Now, this experience has shifted online; with the rise of social media influencers, online reviews, and visual content taking over, more people than ever before are shopping online for their beauty buys.

This article explores the importance of digital marketing for those in the beauty industry and which strategies you can deploy for a successful online presence.

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Create a Website That Leaves a Lasting Impression

The first step in building an online presence is to create a website. Your website is your online gateway, where all your business’ information can be found, such as products, services, contact details, and information about your company. You will direct all traffic to your site from search engine results, social media, newsletters, and physical forms of marketing such as posters and business cards. In essence, it is the central point of your digital marketing strategy.

Whether promoting skincare products, or cosmetic surgery, ensuring your website design is successful is vital. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to website design, so creating it around your brand and vision is essential for a successful launch. Your website must be modern and user-friendly, allowing visitors to navigate around it with ease. It should consider user experience by having clear navigation, a clean layout and fast-loading pages, which also helps your SEO marketing, and utilise tools such as video.

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Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media is now much more than a place to share photographs and thoughts with friends; it is an empire for e-commerce and a valuable platform for businesses to promote their brands.

Whether through influencers, organic social or paid media, implementing a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy is vital. This is particularly important for those in the beauty industry, as at least 96% of beauty businesses use this avenue of digital marketing. Although having a voice on each major platform is essential (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok), visual social channels are much more effective for the beauty sector.

For example, as a primarily visual platform, growing your business on Instagram will help your beauty and cosmetics company improve engagement and traffic to your website. Although we have shifted from in-person shopping, consumers still want to see the products and services available by watching tutorials, viewing cosmetic treatments taking place, and seeing before and after imagery. In addition, this type of content builds trust in your customers, which is vital for success in the beauty industry.

Build a Brand Your Online Audience Can Trust

Building a brand is essential for any business, and it’s another way to gain the trust of potential customers. Make sure your tone of voice is consistent throughout all media, including social platforms and blog content creation. Not only this, but your brand colours, logo, and typography should also be consistent. This allows your clients and customers to recognise you immediately and choose you as a respected and trusted business.

For example, our digital marketing campaign for The Aesthetic Skin Clinic ensures that the branding and tone remain consistent. We understand the importance of a strong social media presence for those in the beauty industry, so we take the time to develop its content and cover a broad spectrum of in-demand themes to target the right traffic to their social channels and website. We also keep its branding consistent, using its brand guidelines, colours, logo, and a range of templates to deliver unified marketing channels.

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Let Your Customers Advocate for You

One of the many benefits of social media for SMEs is the ability to increase your online audience’s trust in your brand, which is especially important in the beauty industry. For example, whereas at one stage, a consumer would visit a salon or clinic in-person to discuss their treatments, now, they are turning to online stores and social channels to learn about a business’s services and what others think of them.

Testimonials are a crucial part of your online presence. Often, the treatments that clinics offer help those with highly personal body and skin issues and those enquiring are experiencing insecurities surrounding these issues. Clients want to ensure that the company they are approaching are trustworthy and reputable, so they turn to testimonials and reviews to learn about others’ experiences with the company.

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Positive and helpful testimonials should be posted on social platforms and have a dedicated page on your website, so all potential clients can find and read these easily, allowing them to gain trust in your company.

How to Get Started

Develop a clear vision for your brand and establish key points about who you are, what you stand for and what you value. Once you have the foundations, you can develop goals and KPIs for your online marketing.

At SQ Digital, we offer brand snapshots to help our customers understand and develop their brands as the first step in their marketing journey.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want any help with your beauty or cosmetic business’s marketing efforts.

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