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GSM Graphic Arts: Digital Marketing for Label Specialists

GSM Graphic Arts Limited is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of market-leading labelling solutions, such as metal labels, custom decals, security labels, graphic overlays, digitally printed labels and rating plates. Working with a range of metals and plastics and using a range of premium techniques, GSM Graphic Arts also provide an artwork and design service.


GSM Graphic Arts had replaced its original domain website with a .com site to make the business more visible international. Following the advice, from its digital agency at the time, two versions of the website were created: one for France and one for the UK.

Consequently, the creation of these versions resulted in a significant decrease in traffic, enquiries and rankings. Furthermore, the original website was not redirected to the new versions and had a substantial impact on business.

GSM Graphic Arts turned to SQ Digital for expert advice and support on how to recover from the drop in enquiries, traffic and search engine rankings.


Rectify Loss of Business

To remedy the loss of traffic and online enquiries that GSM Graphic Arts experienced, SQ Digital built two independent websites, one for the UK and one for France: and, respectively. Subsequently, SQ Digital also carried out the essential SEO transfers and redirects from the original website to the new ones.

The outcome included an increase in organic search traffic, an increase in unique website visitors and a better quality of enquiries (with large, global companies enquiring with GSM Graphic Arts). Both websites now enjoy good rankings in both France and the UK.

Improved Rankings

Our SEO approach focused on maintaining the new website’s health score by redirecting chains and loops, adding technical optimisation to product pages, and fixing potential issues.

By expanding content for the main category and product pages and by optimising blog posts to rank for searchable terms, we managed to improve keyword positions on Google. Many relevant keywords started to rank on the first page of Google with some at the number 1 position, including “graphic overlays” and “control panel overlays”.

Ten new product pages, under the category ‘Specialist Labels’, were also created and, with our SEO work, ┬áthese new pages started to rank very well and generate high-quality enquiries. The keywords, which included “underwater labels”, “UV resistant labels” and “agricultural labels” began to rank on page one (and most of them in the top five).

Ongoing Content Marketing

For GSM Graphic Arts to reach a wider audience and improve brand awareness, we produced and distributed industry-specific articles to publications, which has allowed GSM Graphic Arts to gain high-quality links back to the website and to improve SEO rankings. We also created a valuable and visually appealing asset in the form of an infographic.

The Results

SQ Digital successfully improved the overall website health, keyword positions and organic traffic to the new GSM Graphic Arts’ websites. There has also been a considerable increase in the quality of online enquiries.

  • 42.18% increase in organic search traffic
  • 74% of targeted keywords ranking on page one of Google
  • 44.34% increase in unique users between August 2019 and December 2019 (compared to the same period in 2018)
  • Higher quality of enquiries with global companies enquiring with GSM Graphic Arts
  • Several Digital PR successes in high-quality industry-related magazines and websites

SQ Digital is one of the first SEO companies in the UK and has been supporting SMEs with their websites and online marketing for 20 Years. It’s this experience that allows us to offer the right solution and advice that is relevant to your business.


We pride ourselves on delivering a great experience to all of our clients, no matter the service they choose, be it a content-driven SEO approach, a website build or Paid Search Marketing, so we are thrilled to receive GSM Graphic Arts’ feedback:

“Since SQ Digital took on the SEO management for our website a year or so ago, we have seen a significant increase in the number of organic visitors to our website, resulting in regular, quality leads being received monthly. The SQ team is easy to work with and is always on hand to answer any questions and provide advice on our digital marketing projects.”

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